InMotion: Digital Turned Dynamic for Children

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Short description of the project

In 2016, 124 million children and adolescents, aged 5-19 years, were estimated to suffer from obesity worldwide, and 213 million were overweight. According to 2016 World Obesity Ranking, V4 countries are in the same interquartile range concerning children’s obesity. These similarities might be attributed to all being transition economies of converging economic, nutritional, health, and general welfare indicators. Also, V4 countries are confronted with demographic decline resulting in strained social support systems for the future generations.

So, InMotion focuses on the transregional issue of child obesity in order to curb upcoming healthcare and welfare costs. InMotion also targets the relation between children obesity and digitalisation. Considering worrying trends of digital skilfulness predating book literacy in children,, the “displacement effect” whereby time spent using technology takes away from other potentially more “valuable” activities, and underplayed risks associated with premature use of digital devices, InMotion tries to reduce/prevent digital addiction conducive to sedentary behaviours. Thus, aware of the impact of technology on the multi-dimensional development of children and the physical, mental, and emotional impediments posed by obesity, InMotion wants to popularise an innovative, engaging product which encourages physical proactivity and conscious, educational use of technology.

To address children obesity aggravated by excessive use of digital devices, early education should include health-enhancing activities, negative effects of sedentary behaviour should be explained to teachers, trainers, parents, and children be stimulated to use technology informedly and purposefully.

Drawing on the “Goldilocks Effect” – here moderate internet use boosts social participation – InMotion encourages children to be physically active and use technology for non-formal learning. Since reduction in screen time does not guarantee enhanced offline proactivity, InMotion motivates participation by merging online-offline environments in reward-based, friendly competitions. Thus, InMotion partnership tries to introduce in the participating schools an innovative, immersive, highly interactive method to encourage children to be physically active and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Firstly, InMotion attempts to tackle children obesity by engaging children in friendly sports competitions which stimulate peer collaboration. At the same time, InMotion seeks to increase the involvement of school personnel in non-formal activities promoting a healthy lifestyle. Secondly, InMotion addresses children’s relation to digital devices by explaining the activities via video game narrative transposed in real life. Hereby all partners implement InMotion as a non-formal, inclusive educational activity that makes children physically active and raises health awareness in teachers, parents, and other relevant local stakeholders.


Czech republic

NextGen, endowment fund



Primary School no. 340 im. Profesora Bogusława Molskiego w Warszawie



Diósdi Eötvös József German Nationality Primary and Lower Secondary School and Art School



Základná škola s vyučovacím jazykom maďarským Hlavná 115, Topoľníky